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"Why are you calling me this early in the morning Jeongmin~" I whine into the phone as I pick it up. He laughs at me before replying.

"It's nearly 1pm" He reminds me.

"Well..." He laughs at me again.

"Come to the showcase with me tonight"

"Okay, When does it start?"

"One of my members will pick you up at 8:00 okay?" After a few more minutes we hang up and I get dressed, pulling on some leggings and a long top and hanging around my house until 8. The doorbell rings and I grab my jacket. I open the door and see a guy with brown hair standing outside. He was quite handsome and he was wearing jeans with a casual top.

"Are you Jeongmin's friend?" I ask him and he nods, staring at me with wide eyes.

"I'm ______" I say, smiling at him.

"I'm Youngmin" He replies, smiling in return.

"Shall we go?" He asks and I nod, following him out to his car. We get in and start to drive to the park in the middle of the city.

"Jeongmin's been hiding you from us for a while" Youngmin says, smiling at me. It was true; I had never actually met any of the other members, apart from Youngmin now. We talk until we reach the park and as soon as we get out of the car we are found by Jeongmin and the other members. I hug Jeongmin and greet the others, pausing at a boy who looks just like Youngmin...

"We are twins" Youngmin informs me, standing next to me and smiling.

"Ah, I thought you two looked similar" I said.

"Similar? Not identical?" Jeongmin questions my wording.

"They do look different, it's not like I'm going to mix them up" I say defiantly. Youngmin smiles happily.

"_____-ah, this is Kwangmin, Donghyun, Hyunseong and Minwoo" Jeongmin introduces them. We finish talking when we realize the showcase is about to start. Jeongmin and Minwoo sit on the hood of one of their cars and the other three go on another, Youngmin inviting me to sit with him. We lean on the window on his car as the show starts. It's a fire cracker show, and I see Youngmin as well as Kwangmin nearly fall off their car's hood when the first one goes off.

"I don't like Fire Crackers" Youngmin says, moving closer to me and taking my hand in his.

"We could talk instead of to distract you" I offer, not really bothered by the fire crackers.

"Yes" He says, turning his head to watch me instead.

"Oh now I don't know what to talk about" I confess, smiling shyly.

"We don't have to talk" Youngmin smiles, and I look at him in confusion but instead of explaining Youngmin leans forward and kisses me. The last of the fire crackers go off and Youngmin pulls back.

"Thanks for distracting me" He says, smiling at me and taking my hand in his again.
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